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Telegram’s new Inline Bots

Telegram today announced inline bots in their blog post.

[Why I am writing this blog post ? I was eagerly waiting for this feature]

From Telegram blog post –

With the new inline mode, bots become omnipresent and can be used as a tool in any of your chats, groups or channels – it doesn’t matter, whether the bot is a member or not. Inline bots can help you with dozens of different tasks, like quickly sending relevant GIFs, pictures from the Web, YouTube videos, Wikipedia articles, etc.

So now you can use any bot in the group even without adding it in the groups.

If you are a developer, you can directly head to .

Screen Shot 2016-01-06 at 8.28.09 am

Earlier I created a bot  (@Chuck_Norris_Jokes_Bot ) to get random chuck Norris Joke. Now I will send these jokes to some groups(telegram) to create awkward silences :p

< Happy Coding />


Quora, Straight into my mind

What country is best for vacation?

Answer by Suraj Chavan:


If u want to visit entire world in a short period of time, India will be the best place for you…..

If you want to see beautiful lakes, you can go to Canada..

But India also has beautiful lakes…

Pangong Lake

If you want to see beautiful Waterfalls, go to Wales….

But there are beautiful Waterfalls in India too….

Jogg Falls, Karnataka

If you want to see beautiful coral reefs, go to Australia….

But India also has beautiful coral reefs…

Kalpeni, Lakshadweep Islands

If you want to see beautiful Rainforests, you can go to Brazil

But India also has beautiful Rainforests….

Rainforets of Western Ghats

If you want to see beautiful Rivers, go to China….

But India also has beautiful rivers…

Umngot river, Dawki, Meghalaya

If you want to see beautiful beaches, go to Hawaii

But India also has beautiful beaches…


If you want to see beautiful Desert, go to Libya

But in India we have 3 different types of desert…

Thar Desert, Rajasthan

Rann of Kutch (A salt Desert)

Ladakh (A Cold Desert)

If you want to see tall mountains, go to Nepal

But India also has tall mountains…


If you want to see active volcano, go to Indonesia

But there is a active volcano in India too

Barren Island, Andaman & Nicobar Islands

If you want to see beautiful glaciers, go to New Zealand….

But India also has beautiful glaciers…

Zemu Glacier, Sikkim

If you want to see beautiful architecture, go to Italy

For the same you can go to India too…

If you want to see beautiful Palaces and Castles, go to England

But India also has beautiful Palaces and Castles…

Mysore Palace & Chittaurgarh Fort

If you want to see beautiful hills and scenery, go to Switzerland

But for the same, u can come to India too…

Khajjiar, Himachal Pradesh

India is a beautiful place. You Can  visit Desert, Hilly area, Snow covered area, Terrain, Mountains,  Rivers, Seas, Big cities, Heritage places, World wonder, Historical  buildings, Holy places for almost all religions in the world, etc etc  etc

For religious people…

We have this..

For Hindus


For Buddhists


For Jains


For Sikhs


For Muslims


For Christians


For Jews


For Zoroastrians

And this..

For Indians…!!

In case of Fauna…

Go to Tanzania if you want to see Wild Lions…

Go to Bangladesh if you want to see Wild Tigers…

Go to Botswana if you want to see Wild Elephants…

Come to India if you want to see all three…;)

We can see most of the things in India which can be seen in other countries. Moreover, India is one of the cheapest Holiday destinations in the world. And as said by Gaurav Kumar, there is no much burden on the pocket in India….
India is truly incredible…!!
Jai Hind..!!

What country is best for vacation?

startup, venture – First Online Video Challenges Hosting Platform

Valentines Day we launched – Video challenges hosting platform. It is one of its kind place where you can participate in challenges by uploading video links and win exciting prizes. Challenges are of various categories – Fun , Love, Music etc . You can see current challenges at . Platform got 450+ Users with 2.5k+  Pageviews withing 2 days of the launch. Challenge – “Best Song Cover” attracted 100+ authentic votes. The platform uniqueness is its simplicity. You just have to follow four steps to win cash prizes worth INR 10k .

  • Step 1 – Upload your video on Youtube.
  • Step 2 – Copy Youtube video link and paste it on challenge page at
  • Step 3 – Get the dedicated link of your submission and share it with your friends, bug them to upvote it.
  • Step 4 – And emerge as a winner by getting maximum votes.

Do visit the website and give your feedback.

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Graph.js – a Graph Algorithms Library in JavaScript

Hello World!
I am writing a blog post after long time. I was quite a busy these days. One day I thought of developing a game in JavaScript. The game design was such that it required graph algorithms implementation in JS. I googled but found nothing suitable for my work. So I though of implementing my own Graph Algorithms Library in JavaScript.This post is in regard to Graph.js ( Github Repo ) – a lite weight JavaScript Graph Algorithms Library. Graph.js is easy to use , change and debug. All the algorithms present in it are efficient in terms of space and time complexity.

Algorithms implemented

  • Depth First Search
  • Breadth First Search
  • Dijkstra – Shortest Distance between two nodes
  • Bellman Ford – Shortest Distance between two nodes.
  • Johnson’s Algorithm for all pair shortest path.
  • Prim’s Algorithm for minimum spanning tree of Undirected complete graph.

How to use

Just include graph.js file in your application .
If you want to build the file from the source code you can just run the make command from the top level directory of the project.

Future Additions to the project

  • Implement more algorithms like clustering , max flow , bipartite matching , random graph generation.
  • Add some test suite ( Preferably QUnit )
  • Add a graph visualizer ( Big Enhancement)
  • Some very good code examples of the usage of library.

Note : You can visit Github Repo for example code and other information. As the library is in nascent stage you can find errors . Feel free to fork , make pull requests and report errors.

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What are some great real-life love stories that people have heard?

Answer by Anonymous:

24th may 2013 was the day which changed my views about life.

Find Love Story Books here

My room-mate at IIT had fallen in love in the 3rd year of our college to one of the most chirpy, flamboyant girl of our batch. I had no particular reservations for their relationship other than the fact that they were quite opposites my buddy was shy, intro and she altogether was different and I actually felt that she did not love my friend as much as he did. Actually because of her nature I thought she took their relationship very lightly. But whatever be my notion both got along well then I got placed in the US and left while my friend got placed in an MNC in India.

We kept in touch for a few months but like it happens usually we got busy in our lives and could not interact much. I took my parents to USA and my links with India got completely cut. Now 9 years later I am on an business trip to India I thought of meeting my college friends and contacted many through Facebook and likewise. I tried contacting my roomie but met with no responses. When 7-8 of us met I got this news that my roomie died 5 years ago in the Delhi blast at Karol bagh.

I was shocked and couldn’t sink in the fact he was his parents only son and that troubled me more about how those people would be surviving. So I took his address and went to meet them. When I entered the place (a simple yet utterly beautiful one) I found a group of four 2 old men and 2 old women were having their evening snacks and were smiling, laughing and talking. I went on and introduced myself to them. They all greeted me with a lot of love and asked me to join in and served me some tea. I took it and was left with no words on how to ask them about how things have been over the years. So I decided to leave and as I was about to rise the gates opened and my friend’s gf entered (I thought so these two finally married).

She was surprised to see me and welcomed me and asked me to stay over the dinner. After a lot of pestering I agreed and later mustering a lot of courage I asked her so how’s life? to which she smiled and replied good. after a moment silence she continued “we were happy very happy together and were about to get married when it all happened. I was devastated but then I looked at these 4 people (his and her parents) and decided that I would have to move on. I bought a new place, brought in all four together and are now living happily.” She said when I do something for them I know Shubhu smiles and its his happiness that I always want. I asked her how is she managing? She said love is not only about his physical presence in my life…it is about celebrating togetherness and that we do each day with our parents and I know somewhere he is also around here watching our every move keeping us protected. And then she added wish I had his child.

After listening to all this I realized the strength of their love and couldn’t help envying my friend on how lucky he was to have found this girl who is selflessly busy playing her role in their relation without the society bound order of marriage etc. I couldn’t help feeling small at the girl’s immense strength and pure love that their relation stands on. I realized how wrong I was in those days.
She said she has enough memories to last for a lifetime and added:
Log aksar humse humari khushmijaji ka karan pucha karte hai,
Toh hum bhi palat kar keh dete hai,
Huzoor aapki zindagi me yaaden hai,
Par humari to har ek yaad me zindagi rehti hai…

A huge salute to you girl and lots of respect to you.
Indeed life is beautiful its just the matter of ones view to take the challenges.

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KillFlash :HTML5

What a newbie thinks about HTML5 ?

HTML5 rumoured as the flash killer is one of the hot topics among the developers. Saying that it is  just a revision(5th) of  the  HTML standard will not serve the power it provided to the developers. I myself being new to web technologies have always thought of making a game . [Disclaimer: I am newbie.]

So we will be making a car racing game.Demo Sourcecode

Language used:

HTML5, JavaScript.

Step 1:

Create a file named index.html and copy the following code into it.

        	<script src="jquery.js"></script>
			<script src="keys1.js"></script>
			<script src="keys2.js"></script>


In this step we have just created out html file and included the external javascript.

Step 2:
Download and unzip all the files from this folder.

This folder will have three files:

  • jquery.js: Write less do more JavaScript library.
  • keys1.js,keys2.js: These two files are used to handle the key events as handling the key events until now is very dirty.

We are not going into the details of the files keys1.js and keys2.js as it is beyond the scope of this post.If you donot know about jquery you can see the official jquery website or if you want to learn about the jquery you can see the documentation of the jquery or visit w3schools website.

Step 3:

Add the following code into your body tag.

var CANVAS_WIDTH = 480*2;
var CANVAS_HEIGHT = 280*2;

var canvasElement = $("<canvas width='" + CANVAS_WIDTH +"' height='" + CANVAS_HEIGHT + " '' id='canvas'></canvas>");
var canvas = canvasElement.get(0).getContext("2d");
var FPS=30;

var threading=setInterval(function() {

}, 1000/FPS)

function update(){


function draw(){



Variables CANVAS_WIDTH CANVAS_HEIGHT are the width and the height of the container where we will be painting everything.
We are creating a canvas with id name =”canvas” and then we are appending it to the body.

The variables FPS represents frames per second.

The setInterval(code,n) is the javascript function used to call the function code after every n milliseconds . So here we are calling the functions draw() and update aftre every 1000/FPS milliseconds. Right now update and draw function are empty.

You can now see your index.html file in the browser. It should look  like this.

Now we will be painting our player on canvas. Just add the following code snippet inside script tag of the body.

var player={

color: "#00A",
  x: 400,
  y: 500,
  width: 40,
  height: 40,
  draw: function() {
    canvas.fillStyle = this.color;
    canvas.fillRect(this.x, this.y, this.width, this.height);


Player has the following attributes:

Color: color of the player.

x,y:Coordinates of the current position of the player.

width,height: Height and width of the rectangle.

draw: a function to draw the player on the canvas.

Update the draw function of the step:3.

function draw(){
	 canvas.clearRect(0, 0, CANVAS_WIDTH, CANVAS_HEIGHT);

Again open the index.html file in the browser. It should appear like this. pic2 Step:5 As we have to move our player with the arrow keys so now we will add the event listeners. Just update the function update() of step2.

function update() {

  if (keydown.left) {
    player.x -= 10;

  if (keydown.right) {
    player.x += 10;


Whenever the left arrow key is pressed we are decreasing the value of x by 10.And whenever right arrow key is pressed we are increasing the value of x by 10. Now again open your index.html. Your player will now move with your fingers.


Now we will be adding the enemy cars in our game. Just add the following code inside the script tag of the body.

var enemy = {

	color: "#000",
	  canvas.fillStyle = this.color;
    canvas.fillRect(this.x, this.y, this.width, this.height);

	 update:	function(){

this.y +=this.speed;

Enemy has the following attributes:

Color: color of the enemy.

x,y:Coordinates of the current position of the enemy.

width,height: Height and width of the rectangle.

draw: a function to draw the enemy on the canvas.

update:a function to update the position of the enemy.

and now update the draw and update functions.

add enemy.update(); in update function.
add enemy.draw(); in draw function.

Open your index.html in the browser.
Now we have to check the collision of the enemy car and the player car. 

Just add the following code in the script tag inside the body.
function collision(a, b) {
  return a.x < b.x + b.width &&
         a.x + a.width > b.x &&
         a.y < b.y + b.height &&
         a.y + a.height > b.y;

And then update the draw function.

function draw(){
	 canvas.clearRect(0, 0, CANVAS_WIDTH, CANVAS_HEIGHT);
canvas.font='20pt Calibri';
canvas.fillText("Game Over Press F5 ",600,500);

Now play

Algorithms, Java

XOR Properties

XOR also known as Exclusive OR  is a logical operation operates on two operands which results in true only if one of the operand has a value true .

In Java,C++,C,C#  it is represented by ^.

In computer Science it is often used for bitwise operations.

               010  XOR 110 =100

               001 XOR 000=001

               111 XOR 111=000

               1010 XOR 1111 = 0101 

There are certain properties of XOR which accounts for its numerous uses.  ( I came to know some of them when I was trying to solve a problem in codechef. )

  • XOR operation is Commutative . A^B=B^A
  • XOR operation is Associative . (A^B)^C=A^(B^C)
  • XOR ing of same number is zero. A^A=0
  • XOR has zero(0) as the identity element. A^0=A

Here are some of the problems where XOR minimizes our effort.

  1. Swapping the numbers.
  2. Finding the number in the list which has odd parity.

1. Swapping

Swapping the numbers is very easy . There are many ways to do this

Method 1: 

int x=10,y=5,temp;
temp=x; // temp=10
x=y; // x=5
y=temp;  // y=10

Method 2:

int x=10,y=5;
x=x+y;   // x=15
y=x-y;   // y=10
x=x-y;  // x=5;

Method 3( Using XOR):

int x=10,y=5;
y=x^y; // 15
x=x^y; // 5(=y)
y=y^x;  // 10(=x)

How is it happening? and Why?

Recall the properties of XOR-

Merge  steps : y=y^x and x=x^y  as x=x^(y^x)


x=x^(x^y) ; // ( As XOR is commutative)


x=(x^x)^y; //( As XOR is associative)


x=0^y=y; //(As A XOR 0=A)



2.  Finding the numbers having odd parity.


There is an array which contains 2n+1 elements in which there are n numbers having duplicates. Only one element is there which which is not paired. How we can find  that element ?

Method 1:

Count the occurrence of every (distinct ) element . If for any element count is 1 ,that is the required element.

Time Complexity- O(n^2);

Can we do better?

Ya, of course.

Method 2:

int result=array[1];  //assuming  array is 1 based

for(int i=2;i<=array.length;i++)


result contains the required element.

If you follow the Use of XOR in Swapping  numbers  then you can easily understand why it is happening that result contains the required element.

Happy Coding!!! 🙂